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What's Stopping You Get the Job You Deserve?

Bad Resume?

Have a sneaking suspicion that your resume is letting you down?  Do you feel like it gets lost every time you apply for a job?

Poor Interviews?

Were there embarrassing silences or questions that caught you off guard in your last interview? Did you feel out of depth?

No Time?

Are you flat out at work and wondering how other people manage to find the time for job search & interviews?

Or do you have no idea what's going on?  Don't worry, you're not alone...

Have you been actively job searching for a while but getting nowhere?

Do you really need to make this happen but don't know where to start or who to turn to?


Then you need to know that if you feel frustrated, demotivated or confused it's really not your fault.

Getting a new job is literally a job in itself and most people don't find it easy. 

You have to know how to write a great resume and adapt if for every job, produce effective cover letters, polish up your social profiles, and submit perfect applications that don't end up in the infamous black hole of ATS systems.

And then, if you are lucky enough to be selected for interview, you've got to be able to perform better than your competition to actually get the job. 

Oh, and let's not forget - you have to keep positive even if you have just been made redundant, or have to struggle to hold down your current job at the same time.

It's exhausting. 

But here's some good news...

We are not just resume writers at the Hi Vis Hub - we are hands on recruiters, and Outplacement coaches as well.

And our mission is to help you get the job you deserve


Phone calls from most applications I make ...

My old resume seemed dated and wasn't getting any job follow up from employers. Didn't seem to work for me. Since I had my resume updated, I get a phone call from most applications I make. I have already recommended you several times to other people I know within the construction and mining industries. I can't fault your service.

Aarron Brown Mechanical Fitter

So What Exactly is Outplacement, and Why Does it Exist?   

Outplacement is offered by forward thinking companies, the kind that are often described as 'employers of choice,' when downsizing or executive transitioning occurs.

It's basically and organisational way to say "sorry we're letting you go, but here's some help for you to find another job."

And the thing is, it's not cheap.

We have been fortunate enough to be hired by many companies to take people from 'fired to hired' with our exclusive programme to get them back on track and into new positions.

This got us thinking...

So many people say "great, what do I do now" after we write their resumes...

The simple truth is this.

Having a great resume is just the first step to getting a great job.

It's a bit like having a Ferrari - but not having a driving license.

So here it is ...

The 6 Steps Vital for Job Search Success

Six Steps to Career Success consists of video lessons, worksheets, and exercises. The course contains step by step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through the entire process for you to get the job you have always wanted.

The course modules include everything you need to know in the 6 vital areas of job search success - whether you have been made redundant, looking for your next big move, or thinking of changing your career direction.

It's the proven system we have taught for years within our Outplacement programmes - available for you now as an online course.

You'll discover how to...

1 Write Resumes & Cover Letters

Proven techniques and methods that will get you noticed - for the right reasons - and get on those interview shortlists.

2 Perfect Your Online Profiles

It's not a myth - it's standard practice. Recruiters will be checking out your online profiles. We'll help you make the right impression.

3 Find Great Jobs Before Others

Discover the best kept secrets of recruiters to find 'hidden' jobs and how to control your job search process without being overwhelmed.

4 Apply for Jobs & Beat ATS

Make rejections a thing of the past. Learn the best way to apply for jobs and how to get your resume through ATS.

5 Be  Prepared for Any Interview

Practice sample questions, and get tips and advice from coaches who have interviewed thousands of people.

6 How to Negotiate Your Salary

Successful negotiation tactics that will ensure you get paid what you are worth without any conflict.

Here's What You'll Get...

It's good to know what you are getting. These numbers are not inflated - they're what our corporate Clients typically pay us to support their staff through redundancy when they hire us to deliver outplacement services.
  • 6 Steps to Career Success - value $10,000 per head 
    Our exclusive 'fired to hired' online programme developed and successfully implemented globally for corporate clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Intensive Personal Resume Review - value $500
    A one on one telephone, Skype, or video giving you a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what you need to change or enhance on your current resume so you can start getting the results you want.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates - value $300
    Proven resume templates that work for both direct and online applications, plus guidance on how to complete them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Ongoing Resume & Cover Letter Reviews - value $1000
    Get advice when you update your resume or write new cover letters. Just send it through and we'll give it the thumbs up or tell you what you should change before you apply for a job.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Live Job Search Support & Guidance - value $2000
    Ask us anything you want about how to find jobs, apply for jobs and interview prep through live office hours sessions, live chat or through our help desk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Access to a Global Community - priceless!
    Choose to join our community forum to make useful contacts with other members of our programme or keep your coaching private. Your programme, your decision.

Total Value : $13,800

Get all this for just $197pm or $397 for 3 months

We'll be Online to Coach You Every Step of the Way...

Starting with a thorough resume appraisal delivered directly to you via phone, Skype or video, we'll be online either through live chat in business hours or through our support centre, so you can ask any questions and get feedback on resumes, cover letters and job applications - or anything else relating to your job search process.


A global resume writer and career coach, Mark is known for his honest, direct, and hard hitting advice, helping people manage job applications and succeed at interviews.  Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is the co-founder of the Hi Vis Hub and a prolific publisher, contributing to several industry magazines and his daily career advice blog to his 30,000 LinkedIn followers.

Mark Daniel Career Coach


A career coach, headhunter, and entrepreneur, Amanda works with clients spanning Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA, and has founded and been involved in developing multiple companies known for innovative HR and recruitment solutions.  Originally from London but now in Queensland, Australia, she is the co-founder of the Hi Vis Hub.

Amanda Datchens Career Coach

Advice was very helpful & much appreciated ...

My old resume was 15 years old and did not meet today's requirements especially for applying at the executive level. I recommend this service to ex-colleagues or friends currently looking for new jobs and needing help with polishing their resumes.

I take this opportunity to thank Mark for the fact that at his own initiative he has called me prior to an interview. His advice was very helpful and very much appreciated.

I would also like to mention that the material packaged within the cost was really helpful (Interview guide, Guide to using LinkedIn, Jobsearch guide)

Liliana Firus General Manager

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Is Career Coaching Really Meant for Senior Management and Executives? I'm Not at that Level but I really Need Some Help Getting a Job.


Helped me to network...

My old resume was built in 1992 when I graduated from Uni. I kept slipping new jobs in as I moved through my career.

The advice to work on references helped me to network. That has been really good and created some new options and more people out looking for things. I think you did a great job. My new resume has a lot more polished look.

Keith Haley General Manager

Ready for Change?  

Let's get started...

Monthly online

Start with a resume appraisal, follow the online programme, and get online coaching along the way.



  • Personal Resume review delivered via phone/video/Skype
  • Access to 6 Steps to Career Success online programme
  • Online coaches available through live chat - ask any question
  • Membership of exclusive membership forum
  • Downloadable Resume Templates
  • Downloadable Cover Letter Templates
  • LinkedIn eBook
  • Interview Guide eBook
  • Job Search eBook
  • Cancel anytime
monthly online

Start with a resume appraisal, follow the online programme, and get online coaching along the way.



  • Personal Resume review delivered via phone/video/Skype
  • Access to 6 Steps to Career Success online programme
  • Online coaches available through live chat - ask any question
  • Membership of exclusive membership forum
  • Downloadable Resume Templates
  • Downloadable Cover Letter Templates
  • LinkedIn eBook
  • Interview Guide eBook
  • Job Search eBook
  • Cancel anytime