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What's Stopping You Get the Job You Deserve?

Poor Design?

A whopping 75% of resumes are rejected by Applicant Tracking Software when people apply for online jobs - just because of their design. Is this happening to you?

Lack of Information?

How much is too much? Should it really just be 2 pages or is that a myth? What do recruiters & HR really want to see to get you on that interview shortlist?

No Idea?

Feel like you are doing everything you can but still not getting interviews?  Confused by applying jobs but not hearing back from recruiters or HR?


The appraisal was brutal ....

The appraisal was brutal but it's exactly what my resume and my career aspirations needed, a quick and honest attitude adjustment, so a very sincere thank you!

Peter Brace Training & Development Manager

Everyone needs a great resume - let's make it happen!

Have you ever tried to update your resume for a job application that is really important to you?

To make it stand out from the crowd, make a real impact and really showcase all you have to offer?


Then we know you've probably wanted to smash your computer to the ground in frustration!

You know you need to make improvements but creating the right design and content is so confusing because of all the conflicting advice out there

You finally produce what you feel is a great resume and feel you have done everything right - maybe even paid someone to rewrite it for you - only to hear absolutely nothing back from recruiters and HR when you apply for jobs!

Well here's some good news...

We are not just resume writers at the Hi Vis Hub - we are hands on recruiters too

This means you can find out about about great jobs, get sound career advice & even group or one-on- one career coaching should you want more support - all specifically for the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Engineering sectors.

And our mission is to help you get the job you deserve

Let's get started now with a FREE resume appraisal and we will add you to our weekly Hi Vis News for the latest jobs, project news, and career advice.


I found his assessment blunt ...

I sent Mark Daniel my resume for an appraisal and I found his assessment to be blunt. But as a professional, I would have it no other way. Mark Daniel is definitely the go-to person for a straightforward appraisal on your resume.

Russel Athaide Marine Engineer

What to Expect

Truly Personal

A personal appraisal delivered by real people with real experience of resume writing and recruiting in your sector.

Straight Talking

It's going to be direct - so be warned! You will know the good, the bad and the 'must change immediately' areas.

Actionable Tips

You will be able to improve your resume yourself, right away, with tips and guidance and easy to follow advice.

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